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Alex Wakefield is presently employed with Auckland Council - Click the Linked in profile at the bottom of this page to view resume

Presently employed as Senior Planner for Auckland Council, based in Takapuna, Auckland.

Overseer of commercial development within the North Shore area of Auckland. My role is to assist customers to achieve quality developments that will benefit Auckland's people and the Environment we live in.

This overseer role involves the project management of pre-application meetings - which is about bringing the right people to the table and using those resources to encourage better design and a quality urban environment. Ultimately I am responsible for fronting the relationship between the developer and the Council and I consider myself accountable for the ultimate decision to approve or refuse a development. My judgement and strategic thinking is relied upon to prevent consenting of bad development and to avoid making decisions that can be contested and lost on appeal.

I am also a knowledge resource and see myself as open to assist, provide advice, to not pre-judge but to empower those around me to be happy in their work and positive about their progress in a profession that although misunderstood is an essential element in making the environment we live in better for our children.

Finally I take a wider view. In my universe there are no zero sum games - only a lack of empathy and imagination.

Alex Wakefield

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